Bracelet Nacre white and black

Nacre White and Black (bracelet)
bracelet avec nacre



Un bracelet qui a du style, en bronze martelé, avec deux pierres de nacre, noire et blanc. Ce bijou de créateur s’enracine dans le savoir-faire artistique familial et revisite, comme souvent chez Stephane Szendy, les codes venus de l’histoire de l’art. Une belle pièce contrastée à porter en toutes occasions. 


Bracelet hammered in bronze and mounted with genuine black and white nacre stone.

Using fine and elegant jewels, chiselled in mother-of-pearl stone and hammered bronze, Stephane Szendy’s work embodies the spirit of distant civilisations, taking us into another era with its ancient charm.

Nacre is a mineral biocomposite material, synthesised by molluscs throughout their existence and lining the inside of their shells. This stone, considered a feminine material, is soft and tender – evoking maternal love and tenderness. It is also considered by some scientists as beneficial for lymphatic health and blood circulation.

Meticulous work on the shape and form of each piece highlights the movement of colour within the selected materials. 

This elegant jewellery could enhance any style adopted by the wearer.

The artist uses knowledge passed on by his parents and applies this in his daily artistic activities. 


L’apparence requiert art et finesse ; la vérité, calme et simplicité.

Emmanuel Kant